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   We are a New Mexico based cannabis company.  We currently provide hemp and hemp derived products online to the 48 states in the continental U.S.A. via our online shop.

We here at Zia Extraordinary Farms planted our roots here in New Mexico.  The Zia is a part of our lives and business.  Our extracts are carefully selected to have extraordinary benefits for everyone.

   The method we care for and produce our plants has been utilized for millennia.  Our grow master has many years of experience in growing beautiful and powerful hemp.  Our farm continues to improve to ensure that you can enjoy life and find the relief that is needed.

Our Rattlesnake Oil is the worlds best hemp based topical for pain.  It has been designed to get the work out pain in the body.  Rattlesnake Oil has the ability to reduce inflammation at the source.   The wide range of cannaboids react with your nervous system to help you recover faster. 


Our farms are always improving with every year.  We are in the process of producing the worlds best hemp based topical.  After nearly 10 years of research and development we have a product we are proud of.

  The fundamental concept for our business is Earth, Wind, Fire, and Soul.  Our fields are made using local soil and fertilizer.  We do not use any chemicals in our soil so that you may taste the Earth.  Our plants are grown out doors and enjoy basking in the warm sun rays.  Our plants drink up rain water and clean filtered recycled water.  The best way to enjoy our flower is to fire it up.

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