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2oz Rattlesnake Oil

2oz Rattlesnake Oil

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Get your 2oz CBD/CBG infused topical.

Use directly to drop onto skin or choose to refil your other Rattlesnake Oil containers.


Rattlesnake Oil has been the secret project of our wise and wild "elixurologist". We are excited to announce that sales are available. This formula has been in development for a decade and is now ready for you. Rattle Snake Oil has been designed to bite back agains nerve pain and muscle pain as well. We have been building a new facility just for this new terpene boosted, full spectrum topical. It contains CBD & CBG, plus THC is not detected at all so it will be available in all states.


We have designed a non-toxic topical that truely works fast. Its not just another hemp topical. It is the only one you will need to use to have an extraordinary life.


We offer this product in 3 sizes!

  • Use Instructions.

    Shake it.

    Spray, drop, or roll on affected area.

    Rub it in.

    Give it a few seconds to work.

    Repeat until life is extraordinary once more.

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